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A Broadcast Engineering Tutorial for Non-Engineers, Third Edition

Vital Updates! This 3rd variation has been reorganized and up-to-date all through. It encompasses new criteria and identifies and explains rising electronic applied sciences presently revolutionizing the undefined. Additions comprise: . "Broadcast fundamentals" - first ideas when you relatively are ranging from scratch .

Máquinas Eléctricas Rotativas: Introducción a la Teoría General

El texto se divide en dos grandes bloques, el primero dirigido a sentar las bases conceptuales y las herramientas fundamentales para el estudio de las máquinas eléctricas rotativas mediante métodos generalizados. En los angeles segunda parte , estudia los diferentes tipos de máquinas, incorporando todos los aspectos de su análisis, ensayo y operación, así como las interacciones existentes entre l. a. máquina, l. a. fuente y los angeles carga.

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13(c), actually reduces the number of differential pairs and thus eases the problem of pitch-matching the sense amp to the SRAM cell column (19). Since the bit lines are typically precharged high, the CMOS transmission-gate n-FET is not required. Note that the sense_L inputs are one-low predecoded signals in this case. This technique can be readily modified to have an n-FET current source and/or distributed data lines as in the circuit in Fig. 13(b). Current Sense Amps. An alternative to the familiar voltagebased differential-pair sense amp is a fully-differential current sense amp, such as the one shown in Fig.

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