By Thinley Norbu

Personal recollections of an esteemed Tibetan Buddhist grasp, starting from touching memoir to funny storytelling, from sharp cultural observation to deeply felt verse--illustrated with infrequent pictures in complete color.

     Illustrated with colour images released for the 1st time, this college of memories offers an extraordinary glimpse into the lifetime of an esteemed Tibetan Buddhist instructor. the writer units a paranormal temper as he describes his early years in "Snowland" (Tibet) as one among seven youngsters of a popular Nyingma grasp. Thinley Norbu Rinpoche's storytelling alternates earthy humor with poetic sensitivity and gentle sensuality. Describing his travels in Asia, Europe, and the United States, he provides thumbnail sketches of individuals and locations, in addition to sharp-sighted observation on Western cultural developments and Dharma scholars' confident and damaging features. greater than simply an autobiography, this written providing is an expression of Rinpoche's knowledge, compassion, and private awareness.

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It is a sensual, sweet canal city—so beautiful. People are free and fresh, friendly and warm even to strangers. I also traveled to Switzerland, a beautiful country that they say is neutral and beyond extremes. Of course, this is the best if it is beneficial and not dull. I went to doctors in Lausanne and Geneva. Everything was very clean, but if I had stayed longer, I might not have been able to adapt to cuckoo’s time with my senile mind. I had been invited to the United States, and on my way I stopped for a few weeks in London, which is a very grand, dignified city.

One day he came to me and said very seriously, “Now we must talk and decide how you two can meet. ” When I said, “We have already been together for several weeks,” he was shocked. ” He turned his face and glared at me. Then he interrogated me like a criminal investigator with frowning eyes. “How? Who brought her here? ” After I explained clearly what had happened, he said, “Too fast, too fast,” and he looked disappointed that he had not been the matchmaker. 42 43 On horseback, 1980. On a day when the constellations were auspicious, we made a ceremony with rituals and offerings joined by many groups of people in front of a big altar in my father-in-law’s temple.

When they die, their precious possessions stay behind in a Swiss bank, causing family feuds. When you died you left behind just one old walking stick and went freely in the ten directions of the Bodhisattvas’ land, leaving the gift of your Bodhisattva actions. Please come back again and again to douse the flames of violent beings with the nectar of your kind and peaceful speech and actions. Later, when I went back to East Dragonland with my wife and children, we couldn’t go to Upper Valley of Amusement, so we just stayed in Above Auspicious Land.

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