By Guy Debord

Of the 3 autonomous texts by way of man Debord incorporated right here, have been first released as pamphlets, whereas the 3rd used to be written in 1971 for inclusion in a projected 13th factor of the Situationist International's magazine which by no means seemed due to the group's dissolution.

Despite the seeming range of the topics discussed—the Watts riots in ‘The Decline and Fall of the “Spectacular” Commodity-Economy’ (1965); the disintegration of bureaucratic strength in ‘The Explosion aspect of Ideology in China’ (1967); pollutants and its illustration in ‘A unwell Planet’ (1971)—all 3 texts take care of the various sorts of the ‘spectacle’ and its repercussions. And regardless of the dates in their composition, all 3 stay startlingly suitable today.

—Alice Debord, 2004

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A social occurrence of such magnitude can obviously not be explained, in the anecdotal fashion of bourgeois commentators, in terms of differences over foreign policy; it is glaringly obvious, for in­ stance, that the Chinese bureaucracy is quite happy to ignore the insult represented by the crushing of Vietnam at its very doorstep. Nor could mere personal rivalries concerning the handing over of the reins of power have thrown so much in the balance. When certain leaders are 43 GUY DEBORD denounced for having 'kept Mao Zedong away from power' since the end of the 1950s, every­ thing suggests one of those charges so often in­ vented after the fact during bureaucratic purges, like the claim that Trotsky contrived the civil war on orders from the Mikado, or that Zinoviev backed Lenin to please the British Empire and so on.

Certainly, the ruling class of bureaucratic state capitalist systems in Russia or Eastern Europe, which in the normal way uses terror to cow the exploited majority, has often found itself torn apart internally by clashes and vendettas sparked by the objective difficulties that it encounters, or else by the subjectively 41 GUY DEBORD delusional style that a totally mendacious power is forced to adopt. from the top. The pinnacle of the bureaucracy must remain stable, because the entire legitimacy of the system resides therein.

By and large, American blacks may be certain that-if they keep quiet, at least-their survival is underwritten. Capitalism has become sufficiently centralized and entrenched in the state to distribute 'welfare' to the poorest. Precisely be­ cause they lag behind as socially organized survival 29 'All this World is like a Valley called Jarama' (Song of the Lincoln Brigade) The people's militias have collapsed in the face of the tanks and machine-guns in the northern districts of Santo Domingo. After four days and four nights of violent and bloody combat, General lmbert's troops at last succeeded in advancing to within a short distance of Duarte Avenue and the Villa Consuelo market.

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