By Didier Anzieu, Gilbert Tarrab, D. Biggs

A French analyst discusses the interface among psychoanalysis and psychology. A pores and skin for suggestion takes the shape of ten transcribed discussions among Didier Anzieu and Gilbert Tarrab, recorded in Montreal in the course of Anzieu's lecture travel there. A practitioner and theoretician of person and workforce research, Anzieu speaks frankly of the origins and improvement of his vocation, the levels of his education, and the evolution of his study, and explains the critical principles he has constructed: crew phantasm; the psychic projects of creativity, and 'the dermis Ego'.In solution to Gilbert Tarrab's probing questions, Didier Anzieu remembers the distinct surroundings of his formative years, a primary research with Lacan, the occasions of could 1968 at Nanterre, his literary targets, and his enthusiasm for psychodrama. by way of turns, the dialogue specializes in the concept that of the physique, the gang and the establishment, and, from a mental point of view, displays severely upon the fascination of idealizes and the fight for energy, the constitution and dynamics if the social subconscious, the decline of the college, and the ecological importance of the psychoanalytic state of affairs.

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It was a matter of survival, material and intellectual, avoiding heedless risks, being on one's guard against the Germans, and, i n expectation of the return of better days, of preserving by means of dogged hard work all that could be preserved and that might be useful i n the future. I learned about the appeal of the 18th of June several days after De Gaulle had made it. We listened to English radio i n the family or among friends. There were few distrac­ tions, and it was impossible to go out in the evening because of the curfew.

Work, which involves associating, linking, becoming aware, and interpreting, demands seriousness, and attention and respect for the other person. M y confidence i n Lacan deteriorated after two trying epi­ sodes. He invited me to follow his seminar when I was not asking h i m for anything; I was simply talking to h i m about a friend who attended it. I was going to say that there were perhaps counter-indications for a person being taught by someone with whom he was i n psychoanalysis, but he fore­ stalled my objection: at the point I had reached, there was no problem, and I could come.

It would rather be up to you to do that. I can simply state that I do function like that. One of my problems is to organize my life i n a way that is sufficiently varied, providing niches for both aspects to find satisfaction. GT: Let us pursue the course of your career. Y o u therefore started to take an interest i n psychoanalytic texts and then went on to train i n that profession? DA: The class of 1944—which I was i n at the Ecole Nor­ male Superieure—had a certain number of enthusiasms; for some it was mathematical logic (Jean-Toussaint Desanti was among our lecturers), for others it was Marxism (Althusser was the most significant example, and also the most dramatic); and finally for Laplanche, myself, and sev­ eral of my friends, it was psychology, psychiatry, and psycho­ analysis.

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