By Garcia J.L.L., de Castro M.D.L.

This booklet goals to supply scientists with information regarding a sequence of recommendations that may be used for you to facilitating the transformation of the pattern to a suitable nation for next detection or quantitation of its parts of curiosity. The concepts handled variety from the extremely simple ones (e.g. freeze-drying) to different extra complicated ones (e.g. glow discharge and laser-induced breakdown sampling).

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Thus, a tray apparatus containing several wells was developed to freeze-dry biological substances (particularly anticoagulants used in blood gas analyses). This apparatus is suitable for producing a "pledget" or single-unit dosage of predetermined values of freeze-dried biological material that can be stored for extended periods in a sterile syringe to be used as blood anticoagulant. The tray has an upper plate laminate (covered by an insulator during freezing) with rows of wells for holding a biological solution of a preset concentration and a lower laminate in the form of a sheet of conducting material for establishing a temperature gradient across the height of the tray to assist in freezing the tray contents as the stackable trays sit on the cooling or heating shelves of the freeze-dryer [11].

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