By Gary Gygax

An alphabetical directory of monsters present in complicated Dungeons & Dragons adventures, together with assaults, harm, distinctive talents, descriptiosn and random come across tables.

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Shator have excellent auditory and olfactory senses, and, when they use these along with their normal visual capabilities (including infra- and ultra-), they can be surprised only 1O%of the time. - Known as the slime demodand, a kelubar is of shorter stature and thicker build than a farastu. Although it is of ebon hue, a kelubar tends to glisten due to a slimy skin secretion. A kelubar attacks with nails and jaws, and any hitwill causethevictim tosuffer 1-6additional pointsofdamagedue to the acidic nature of the slime, unless a saving throw vs.

The hydrodaemons can launch themselves into the air and glide like flying fish at highspeedsfor u p t o 1 turn. Whenairbornetheymaymake 5 attacks: scratching with theirfeetfor 1-4, clawing with their hands for 1-8, and biting for 1-10; otherwise, on the ground, they will make 3 attacks. The bite of a hydrodaemon does 1-10 points and drains 1 life energy level from its victim. Anthraxus is the most powerful daemon on the Lower Planes, but his position is challenged by other unique daemonic beings, the chief of which are Bubonis, Cholerix, Typhus, and Diptherius, alongwith others unknown or unrecorded by scholars.

Dretch are the most common and least powerful of all demons, being scarcely capable of dealing with a quasit on equal terms. Their numbers enable them to hold their own against most other minor demons, however. Normal attack mode is a bite and 2 clawing attacks. In addition to their normal attack mode, dretch can, at will, perform the following spell-like powers, 1 per round: darkness (5-fOOt radius), scare, stinking cloud once per day, telekinese 500 gp weight, teleport once per day. A dretch may gate in a Type I demon (5% chance of success).

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