By Phyllis R. Brown, Eli Grushka

"Volume 35 examines well timed matters comparable to functionality requisites, detection modes, and ancillary recommendations for optical detectors in capillary electrophoresis; and more."

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Bubble-Shaped Cell Recently a bubble-shaped cell for CE has been introduced commercially [19]. The idea is that an expanded region of the capillary can be created to produce a longer absorption pathlength across the column. This is based on the fact that the current everywhere along the capillary is constant. As the analyte zone enters the bubble region, the velocity of the zone decreases, but the concentration of the analyte remains the same. The change in the aspect ratio of the zone creates a thinner disk of larger diameter for a longer absorption pathlength, as shown in Fig.

Farooqui and Lloyd A. Horrocks Chromatopyrography John Chih-An Hu Inverse Gas Chromatography Seymour G. Gilbert Volume 24 Some Basic Statistical Methods for Chromatographic Data Karen Kafadar and Keith R. Eberhardt Page xv Multifactor Optimization of HPLC Conditions Stanley N. Deming, Julie G. Bower, and Keith D. Bower Statistical and Graphical Methods of Isocratic Solvent Selection for Optimal Separation in Liquid Chromatography Haleem J. Issaq Electrochemical Detectors for Liquid Chromatography Ante M.

However, most UV lasers are themselves extremely unstable. The electronic circuit cannot follow these large fluctuations to provide adequate compensation. The degree of improvement there was less impressive. In any event, it is not cost-effective to incorporate expensive UV lasers to gain a small improvement in CE detection, especially since the truly useful wavelengths are below 220 nm. Fortunately, the identical detection system is also applicable to universal detection by indirect absorption (see later discussion) [31].

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