By Rainer Friedrich, Wolfgang Rodi

Comprises the court cases of the EUROMECH Colloquium, held in Munich, Germany. Articles concentrate on new advancements within the box of large-eddy simulation of advanced flows concerning the subjects of modeling and research of subgrid scales, numerical matters in LES, and combustion and magnetohydrodynamics.

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1. is positive semi-definite and bounded by as can be seen from is a measure of the approximation error. Exact eq. (6). The product of and which is well satisfied for see inversion is achieved where Fig. 1. The effect of non-represented scales on the resolved scales cannot be in the flux term. In order to modeled by just replacing the unfiltered with to scales energy is drained model the energy transfer from scales by subtracting a relaxation term from the range from the right-hand side of equation (3) which gives, using (4): with 36 S.

D. and Kleiser L. Editors, Kluwer, 213–224 CLARK, R. , FERZIGER, J. H. & REYNOLDS, W. C. 1979 Evaluation of subgrid scale models using an accurately simulated turbulent flow. J. , 91, 1–16 GERMANO, M. 1986 Differential filters for the large eddy numerical simulation of turbu­ lent flows. Phys. Fluids, 29, 1755–1757 GERMANO, M. 2000 Fundamentals of Large Eddy Simulation. Advanced Turbulent Flows Computations, Peyret R. & Krause E. , CISM Courses and Lectures 395, Springer, 81–130 LEONARD, A. 1974 Energy Cascade in Large-Eddy Simulations of Turbulent Fluid Flows.

As previously remarked this equation is linear, so that also in the case of a low pass filter with a constant filtering time we have simply but if we obtain as a first approximation where the new convective velocity is given by VARIABLE FILTERING LENGTHS AND TIMES 9 and it is interesting to remark that in the case of a variable filtering time convectively transported there is no commuting effect on the equation. It is reasonable to think that also in this case the general physical properties of the commutative moment explored in this paper for the low pass filter could be generalized to other causal time filters extended to the past and provided with a variable time scale.

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