By Theodore Von Kármán

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Statistical Mechanics.from First Principles to Macroscopic Phenomena

In keeping with the author's graduate path taught over decades in different physics departments, this 2006 booklet takes a 'reductionist' view of statistical mechanics, whereas describing the most rules and strategies underlying its functions. It implicitly assumes that the physics of advanced platforms as saw is attached to primary actual legislation represented on the molecular point via Newtonian mechanics or quantum mechanics.

Internal Flow: Concepts and Applications

Concentrating on phenomena very important in enforcing the functionality of a huge diversity of fluid units, this paintings describes the habit of inner flows encountered in propulsion structures, fluid equipment (compressors, generators, and pumps) and ducts (diffusers, nozzles and combustion chambers). The ebook equips scholars and practising engineers with a number of new analytical instruments.

Ilyushin Il-2

;Ilyushin Il-2 [Aircraft Profile 088] КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Название:Ilyushin Il-2Автор: Witold Liss Серия: airplane Profile 088 Издательство: Profile courses Ltd Год издания: 1966 Страниц:16 Формат: PDF в rarЯзык: английский Размер: five. forty five Мб Для сайта: Мир книгИстория легендарного "летающего танка"Ил-2 в серии airplane Profile ifolder.

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To the US A k y ~ icorps; The Curtiss P-6 and Boeing P-12 would form the major biplane fighting force of the American air arm in the years between world wars. In all, the variants of the P-6 encumbered fewer than 90 individual &ames, including the many which bore other designations at one time or another, yet the P-6 leR a mark which far exceeds its numbers. One P-6E Hawk is beautifilly restored today at the US Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio. 3 kg); , - . 62-mm) fixed machine-guns with 600 rounds per gun on sides of nose firing through propeller disc O Pilot Press Limited Hawks High A handful of P-6Es staggered on with the Punuit Squadrons after reeaui~rnentwith other t v m .

The XP-8 was almost bullet-nosed with its thin engine cowl and with the cooling radiator located across a broad section of the lower wing. The sole XP-8 airframe (28-359), powered by a n inverted Packard 2A-1530 e n g i n e , looked sleek enough to prevail in a dogfight against any adversary. But appearance was deceiving. The XP-8 was covered by a n Army contract dated April 1925 and was delivered in July 1927. It was essentially a private venture, financed by Boeing funds allocated in 1926, and was given the company designation Model 66.

The biplane fighter had progressed just about as far a s it could by this time, the later Curtiss Hawk and Boeing P-12 variants being considered the last word in biplane design given the available powerplants. The P-26 promised to be far better, and even the most diehard Anny official could not ignore the monoplane any longer. When it emerged in March 1932, the P-26 was a remarkable machine. Although possessing a n externally-braced wing with its attendant forest of bracing wires, it looked sleek and streamlined compared with the biplanes in service.

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