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The chest is empty, but an inscription covered by invisibility is written inside the lid, and it shows where a stone in the stairs down can be removed to reveal a ring of shooting stars, a rod of cancellation, a scroll of seven cleric spells (determine at random), and a metal case holding six potions (healing, diminution, plus four more randomly determined). A very well-hidden secret compartment in the lid of the box holding the potions holds pipes of the sewers. 9-11. Temple of the Eye: Note the illusionary walls which screen this area.

However, they still maintain their "cover" as ambassadors being approached by the fire- giants and c a n y documents (fulsome letters from Snum to "my lady Goroda") that bear out their story Wandering Monsters: (1-in-12 chance of encounters, check each turn) Wandering trolls (3d4). Patrol (two fire giants and two hell hounds). Drow watchers (75% chance to pass the party unseen): one fighter/mage (F7/M6) and three assistants (FZ), all armed and equipped with typical drow gear. 1. Cavern: Three ropers (HD 12, hp 60; HD 11,hp 48; HD 10, hp 39) dwell here and conceal themselves amongst the nahlral stalagmite formations.

Temple of the Eye: Note the illusionary walls which screen this area. Beyond them, the whole place is illuminated by a strange swirling light which seems to be part of the very air. Eddies of luminosity drift and swirl here and there, cansing the whole scene to be strange and uncertain. Distances and dimensions are tricky to determine in the shifting light of rusty purple motes and lavender rays. Globs of mauve and violet seem to seep and slide around. The ceiling of the Temple is out of visual range, fifty feet high at its lowest point and well over sixty-five feet where it vaults upwards.

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