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Chanm in 60 Seconds for Ailll1aoes and Rockets Type Takeoff Weight (lbs) Maximum Fuel Weight (Ibs) Cruise Fuel Consumption (lbslhr) SST 675,000 -291,000 90,000 Fighter 54,000 17,600 GA Twin 6,800 1,020 6,500,000 Saturn 5 112,000 Delta ,. Mass Change after 60 seconds (lbs) Mass Change after 60 sec. 2 ..... Another assumption which will be made is that the mass distribution is also constant with time. This assumption infers that the center of gravity of the airplane stays in the same place during a 60 second interval.

Chapter 1 11 Equations of Motion and Axis Systems Three-view of the Blnbm & Voss BY 141 B-O x o • Passenger cabin . 3 Examples of Non-Svrnmetrjcal Alrplapes Chapter! 3 EFFECT OF SPINNING ROTORS Most airplanes are equipped with 'propellers and/or turbine engines which act like spinning rotors. Such spinning rotors exert gyroscopic moments on the body to which they are attached. 4 shows an example of an airplane where the rotor orientation relative to the airplane can in fact be varied. ROTOR AXES ) ".

The subject of elastic airplane stability and control is taken up in Chapter 7 (in Part ll). Finite element methods are used to determine stability and control coefficients and derivatives for elastic airplanes. e. manufacturing) shape of an elastic airplane is also presented.. Several numerical examples of the effect of aeroelasticity on stability and control derivatives are given for a subsonic and,for a supersonic transport. Chapter 8 presents an introduction to the construction and interpretation of Bode plots with open and closed loop airplane applications.

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