By Poulomi Mukherjee

A contemporary retelling of the story that has been informed to generations for plenty of centuries now.

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It must have been the workload that killed him! But I thought it was a heart attack that killed him! Memsahib, this is a great loss to all of us. He always had so many dirty clothes! I’ve lost a major customer! If you don’t get lost right now I’ll get another washerman! 37 That night, Igor returned with Vladimir, while the rest of the gang waited nearby. This is it, boss. This is the lane. Now all we need to do is find the house with a cross marked on it. Quit talking and just lead me to it. This is it, boss!

And Marjeena is such a good cook. She will make a good wife for Omar. 58 Ladies and gentlemen, as a birthday gift to Omar, I will perform a special dance today! I’ll see you all on the lawn outside in twenty minutes. Marjeena had become quite a famous dancer by then, and this was a rare treat for all of those present. Fortunately for her, a platform had been arranged where a band was due to play later, and she took full advantage of it. The stage was well and truly set. A private performance! From the famed Marjeena of A Thousand Knives !

Come in. You scared me for a moment. Marjeena was close to the family, and Ali Baba had always liked this humble, sincere girl. Now, now Suraiya, try and calm down. It’s awful that Qasim is gone, but we have to make sure everyone else is safe. After Marjeena told them what she had seen, Ali Baba explained the whole situation to her. I have a plan, but we must act quickly. We can’t let anybody find out what really happened. Yes, of course. So here’s what we must do. Spread the word that Qasim died of a cardiac arrest in the middle of the night.

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