By Deon Liles

This publication offers an Introductory method of Human Evolution.

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Other analyses of autosomal DNA from modern humans, however, indicated a likelihood of recent admixture from archaic human populations from outside of Africa. In 2010, analysis of two sources of archaic human autosomal DNA provided evidence for specific instances of admixture, in the form of a 1-4% shared genome between neanderthals and nonafrican modern humans not shared by modern Africans and a 4-6% shared genome between an archaic human recently discovered in denisova and modern melanesians not shared by other modern humans.

The Y-DNA and mtDNA may change by chance mutation at each generation. Variable number tandem repeats A variable number tandem repeat (VNTR) is a location in a genome where a short nucleotide sequence is organized as a tandem repeat. These can be found on many chromosomes and often show variations in length between individuals. Each variant acts as an inherited allele, allowing them to be used for personal or parental identification. Their analysis is useful in genetics and biology research, forensics and DNA fingerprinting.

African origin for modern humans There is evidence that modern human mtDNA has an African origin: "We infer from the tree of minimum length... that Africa is a likely source of the human mitochondrial gene pool. This inference comes from the observation that one of the two primary branches leads exclusively to African mtDNAs... while the second primary branch also leads to African mtDNAs... By postulating that the common ancestral mtDNA... " The broad study of African genetic diversity headed by Sarah Tishkoff found the San people to express the greatest genetic diversity among the 113 distinct populations sampled, making them one of 14 "ancestral population clusters".

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