By Gocha R. Tsestkhladze

This quantity bargains with the concept that of 'West' and 'East', as held by means of the traditional Greeks. Cultural alternate in Archaic and Classical Greece during the institution of Hellenic colonies round the historical global used to be a tremendous improvement, and constantly a two-way strategy. to accomplish a formal realizing of it calls for examine from each attitude. All 24 papers during this quantity mix sorts of facts, discussing them from each standpoint: they're tested not just from the perspective of the Greeks yet from that of the locals. The publication provides new information, in addition to re-examining present proof and reinterpreting outdated theories. The booklet is richly illustrated.

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M. BONGARD-LEVIN the period of the visit was defined as 6 months, stalling on 1 April 1918, 'Tor scholarly studies in the museums and the libraries of Sweden and England". " Judging from the archive, on 17th April he sent a letter to the Embassy of Norway, requesting for himself (and his wife) visas for two months in order to work in the museums and libraries of Norway on the problems of the early and later history of the Scythians on the territory of Russia. O n 18th April, relying, obviously, on the quick provision of the visas, he received in the university an official letter about his trip, in which, besides Sweden and England, Norway was also included.

The material is. most probably, in St Petersburg, where I left all my papers. ieolngical Institute. Berlin. Papers of "Hi. Wiegand. : 16 CM. BONGARD-LEVIN completion of his serious academic work—his book on the Scythians and the Bosporus—he took only extracts from books, notes, drawings, separate ofT-prints of recent articles, several copies of his own books (Ancient Decorative Painting in South Russia; Greeh and Iranians in South Russia; 'Die Birth cf the Roman Empire)** from his belongings, only the bare necessities.

KOSTOVT/HI' IN I . N ( i l . "' At the same lime he outlined measures for rapprochement with academic and social circles in England and France, and in doing this, he allotted the leading role to the Russian Academy of Sciences. A lot of what he wrote about in this article, he tried 10 put into ellcci subsequently when he was in England. After these anti-German statements, after his collision with the leader of German classical scholarship, it was impossible for him to go to Germany, although his academic prestige there was very high.

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