By Sian Lewis

Tyrants are greater than simply the antithesis of democracy or the mark of political failure: they come up in keeping with social and political pressures. accumulating jointly writings by way of best historians, political theorists, and philosophers, this publication is a comparative examine of the autocratic rulers and dynasties of classical Greece and Rome and the altering thoughts of tyranny of their political proposal and culture.

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12). The Roman state was happy to deal with client kings, acknowledging their right to be kings; there are even instances in which the triumphal gear (insignia of the Roman kings) was awarded to foreign rulers as a mark of honour. Some gentes were proud to claim descent from a Roman king, and the Marcii Reges held that name without any apparent trouble during the Republic. 35 Although anti-monarchical feeling is primarily an aristocratic construct, and one to which undue emphasis has been given, to some extent it probably did have a bearing on the tradition.

See Cornell 1995: ch. 10 for this view, following Magdelain and Momigliano. Cf. Linderski 1990. 5. g. Leifer 1931: 90. That the patriciate existed under the monarchy is also denied by Magdelain 1964, who argues that the patriciate was formed c. 509–433 by the gentes, who provided chief magistrates. Cf. Last 1945; Momigliano 1967. Cornell 1995: 251–2 believes that the patriciate existed in some form in the regal period. 6. The interregnum was supposedly restored in 509 bc, when Brutus appointed Sp.

4–6). 1 Map of ancient Sicily at Aetna, one of the few groups that had remained loyal to Polyzelus. 1–4). Next, Ducetius refounded his native city of Menai, as well as founding a settlement near the important Sicel cult centre of Palike. 5 It was during this period that Ducetius presumably consolidated his power as leader of a Sicel synteleia, a federation of Sicel cities and towns. 4–5). 36 Ancient Tyranny Ducetius soon turned his attention to the hinterlands of the Greek colonies. In 451 bc, he seized Inessa, a Sicel town where the refugees from Aetna had fled.

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