By S. Birnbaum

Basic source of revenue is one the main cutting edge, strong and debatable proposals for addressing poverty and turning out to be inequalities. This ebook examines the arguments for and opposed to simple source of revenue from the perspective of financial and social justice.

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The final chapter briefly situates the argument for radical liberalism and the politics of basic income in the context of nonideal theory and real-world politics. Part I The first part of the book develops a general argument in defense of basic income, guided by the aims of maximizing the economic life prospects of the least advantaged while simultaneously promoting and protecting their status as equals at every stage of their lives. Chapter 2 provides a normative assessment of the basic income strategy relative to options based on an obligation to work, given the overall purpose of “maximinning” economic opportunity.

Will Kymlicka is probably correct when holding that “the only way to show that it is possible to advance compelling arguments for the rightness or wrongness of principles of justice is actually to advance some compelling arguments” (Kymlicka 2002, 7). Considering the meaning of “rightness,” in this context it should, however, be observed that the acceptance of the above criteria for justified beliefs is not necessarily to accept the further claim that a conception that successfully meets them is objectively true (thereby linking reflective equilibrium to the acceptance of moral realism, in some form).

On balance, however, it is argued that these prioritized concerns provide an important reason for continuously counteracting economic inequalities in an independence-preserving way, and that basic income has crucial advantages in this respect. Chapter 3 continues the Rawlsian exploration of the case for basic income in a more defensive vein. ” The chapter reconstructs and analyses a number of ways in which this fundamental idea, and the notions of reciprocity and productive contribution with which it is closely linked, may potentially block the argument for basic income.

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