By Jamie Cloud Eakin

Beading with Cabochons КНИГИ ; ХОББИ и РЕМЕСЛА Автор: Jamie Cloud Eakin Название: Beading with Cabochons Формат: pdf Размер: 24,1 МбBeading_with_Cabochons_by_Jamie_Cloud_Eakin.pdf 24.10 Mb eighty five

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But this paradigm of art was abandoned over a century ago. 48 Counterexamples include the "readymades" offered by Dadaists, as well as works from less strident movements such as Cubism, Russian Suprematism, and Abstract Expressionism. Tightly linking art and beauty betrays a pervasive but mistaken notion that the historically contingent association of art and beauty is a necessary association. 49 Moreover, subsidy policies based on this criterion will by definition exclude nonbeautiful art, whatever merits it might otherwise possess.

44 Although Danto is writing here about issues in the philosophy of art and art criticism, his comments are relevant to current disagreements over subsidy. His words suggest that the perfectionist view of art may no longer reflect the thinking of those closest to its practice-art critics and artists themselves. This section develops this criticism and its implications for subsidy in some detail. Perfectionists most commonly argue that engaging art fosters aesthetic appreciation. An influential expression of this view is Derek 33 CHAPTER ONE Parfir's discussion of the Objective List Theory of the Good, in which one of six objective values is "the appreciation of true beauty.

Perfectionist arguments carry much intuitive appeal, and most people, if pressed, would agree theatre is better than wrestling and contemplation better than bestiality. Further, it seems reasonable that if a government can steer citizens toward the more desirable lifestyles, it should do so, especially if the means would be relatively painless. "21 Thus, while Rawls' argument against subsidy may be valid, its fundamental premise-that the state must be neutral-is not yet established. A sensible way to evaluate this premise is to examine the best arguments for state neutrality, for if any of them hold then perfectionism is defeated.

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