By Chogyal Namkhai Norbu, Elio Guarisco (translated from Tibetan), Andrew Lukianowicz, Nancy Simmons, Daniel Zegunis (cover), Gianni Baggi (photos), Romain Piro (photos)

Birth, existence and loss of life meets wishes, frequently thought of separate or together contradictory: at the one hand the typical tendency of a individual to hunt health and wellbeing and health and wellbeing in daily life and, at the different, the ever higher longing for an actual and unconditioned religious wisdom, which provides us the capability to house the issues of start, existence and loss of life in a profound although concrete way.

The publication has 4 significant sections. within the first half, Introduction of Tibetan Medicine, the writer enlarges at the basic features of the human organism, in line with the character of its numerous actual elements and their interactions, as visible via this historic clinical tradition.

The Birth part bargains the actual wisdom of the Tibetan scientific culture on such subject matters because the functionality of the weather in fetal improvement, the secondary explanations which be certain the intercourse of the kid, and the seven attainable constitutions of the kid and what portends for their health and wellbeing needs.

In the Life part the writer explains how every one person via cultivating a profound knowing of the 3 doorways of the human organism - physique, voice or strength, and brain - can observe actual, psychological and non secular future health. the writer makes transparent that preserving a continuing movement of presence and information in each one second, an indipensable for practitioners on any religious course, permits us to sit back our tensions, and dwell serenely in reliable health.

The final part, Death, at first considers the character of dying and our attitudes in the direction of it. What follows, even though, is a type of consultant at the passage in the course of the 4 "intermediate states" we are going to event after leaving our human physique. for every of those states the writer outlines the basic guide that permits an individual to realize liberation at the moment. ultimately, the profound wisdom inside the Bardo Thodrol, the Tibetan booklet of the Dead, is defined.

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14 Vita~ essence (khu ha),lit. 'juice': refers to the vital essences that give life and radiance*l:o the body and to the generative fluids of sperm and ovum . 33 The Relationship between the Humours and the Organic Components The body we have now is the result of the aggregation of Humours and Organic Components. Their condition, relation and functions, for the most part, depend on and are very closely connected to the manner in which Humours and Organic Components have formed in the beginning.

At times even if the vagina has not completely dilated, because of excruciating pain the baby's head may emerge very quickly. i lzyed hcu gcig) and Shije 6 (zhi byed drugpa) that act on the Downwardclearing Wind. These are administered every two hours. 11 57 this happens there is the danger of tearing mother's perineum, therefore, at that time, with her mouth open she should take short breaths (thus) making the head of the baby emerge slowly. As soon as the baby is born, its mouth and nostrils should be cleansed from the sticky Jiquids with a clean cloth so as not to obstruct breathing.

Because of the preponderance of Bile nature in both the sperm and the ovum or the mother's excess in sharp, hot and other foods and behaviour that generate Bile, the child's body forms and grows with the Bile constitution. 3. Because of the preponderance of Phlegm nature in both the sperm and the ovum or the mother's excess in heavy, oily and other foods and behaviour that generate Phlegm, the child's body forms and grows with the Phlegm constitution. 4. Because of (the preponderance of) both Wind and Bile, the child's body forms and grows with the double Wind and Bile constitution.

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