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G. and if possible the King'. 129 Simultaneously Churchill must have seen Stevenson's telegrams reporting Maclean's strong opposition to any immediate approach to Tito about the King. By 29 December Churchill was insisting strongly in telegrams to Eden that King Peter should drop Mihailovic first, before any approach was made to Tito. In this stand he was fortified a few days later by Randolph and Maclean jointly, when he summoned them from Bari where they were held up by bad weather; 130 and he continued to hold it stubbornly until early February.

Policy which asserted: 'great men are largely myths but once they have been created they are a power in the land ... It is within our power to build up Mihailovic into such a figure .... ' 34 In this case, however, even the Foreign Office jibbed. E. E. British Decision-making over Yugoslavia material and of course no intercepts. But they tried to make up for this by studying all other sources - that is, the open and public sources of which no one else took much notice. E. in March 1943, I myself wrote a rather pompous letter to Douglas Howard saying that a ban on mention of the Partisans would lay British propaganda open to the charge of deliberate obscurantism and concealment of news of anti-Axis operations which were being regularly reported not only by the Russians and other Communist organs but also by the Swiss, Swedes, Germans, and Hungarians and by Zagreb press and radio; it might moreover increase the danger of civil war in Yugoslavia.

M. Woodhouse, 'Early British Contacts with the Greek Resistance', Balkan Studies, XII (I97I) 348. I I. One W /T set had been taken over by Mihailovic, and the other Hudson had left behind in Montenegro as being too heavy to carry during his arduous journey through the mountains on his way to join Mihailovic. F. W. D. Deakin, The Embattled Mountain (London, I97I) pp. I3I, I33· I2. M. Howard, Grand Strategy, IV (London, I972) p. 48I. 13. Field Marshal Lord Wilson, Eight rears Overseas (London, 1948) p.

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