By Ed Greenwood

Elminster's archenemy, the vampiric Lord Manshoon, thinks he has destroyed Elminster eventually. yet Elminster survives within the kind of magical ash, and with assistance from his scion, a fop who's transforming into right into a actual nobleman, and his longtime significant other hurricane, he nonetheless has an opportunity to counter Manshoon's insidious plots.

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Unlike normal poltergeists, this one can hurl deadly instruments (any weapon or tool with an edge o1 point) and do damage. It does 2 points less damage than the weapon does in the hands of a living man, but always does at least one point. As soon as the characters are all in the barracks, it slams the door shut. It then begins to hurl weapons and random objects at the characters. Unlike normal poltergeists, it ca attack twice per round. It throws one nonlethal object and one weapon each turn. The only easy escape is to flee up the stairs.

The tunnels and the crumbling monastery above them were pulled out of the original Lamordia and into the Demiplane of Dread at the same time as Victor Mordenheim and Adam. Since then, the hidden rulers of the demiplane have toyed with the beast that sleeps within the mine, gradually weakening the spell that binds her, waiting for just the right moment to nudge the monster to full awareness. When it wakes, much of Lamordia may be destroyed. And that awakening is fast approaching . . The following area descriptions refer to Map 5: The Mine (found on the poster map).

I small groups of them swim to Ludendorf to spend an evening drinking at the inns near its docks. Otherwise, they remain here, in the settlement simply known as Baytown, where they are free to assume animal or human form, away from the prying eyes of humankind. Read the following text when the PCs see the ice floes. Narratiuo I Wolves o f the Sea he ice floes leading to the Isle of Agony touch its shores at one end of a wide bay. This bay is the home of a colony of lycanthropic seawolves. ) These creatures prey upon any ships foolish enough to seek shelter in the bay, looting their cargos and killing or infecting sailors with lycanthropy (and thus adding to the seawolf population).

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