By Damian Grace, Stephen Cohen

Business Ethics 4e examines the more and more topical topic of industrial ethics, and the way company should still function whereas upholding societys expanding call for for moral and social accountability. This e-book can be worthwhile to scholars taking a company measure. It examines not just what ethics are but additionally how they relate to numerous universal enterprise events, illustrated by way of up to date case stories and present examples.

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The claim that ‘good ethics is good business’ implies that ethical behaviour is of instrumental value only. If that were so, then on any particular occasion when ethical behaviour was not perceived to be instrumental towards the achievement of whatever is of value, there would be no rationale for behaving ethically. A note on self-interest It is not uncommon for people to refer all conduct, including apparently altruistic acts, to self-interest. In business, this unexamined assumption has widespread popularity and has almost attained the status of a dogma.

Rather, ethical behaviour functions as a limit or a constraint on, or a correction to, what business may do as business. Ethics and business naturally stand in opposition to each other. Further, decisions made for the sake of sound business management are not, properly speaking, ethical, even when they happen to coincide with ethical requirements. Ethical decisions are, properly speaking, ethical only when they are made in the context of their being in conflict with advantageous business decisions.

Rather—given the community’s or society’s interest in avoiding certain kinds of business conduct (or, more exceptionally, in fostering certain kinds of conduct)—if the business itself does not regulate its behaviour accordingly, then either the business itself or a particular mode of business activity will be made the subject of external regulation or will fall foul of already existing external regulation. Perhaps the simplest and grossest illustration of such conduct derives from a consideration of laws that do not apply exclusively to a particular area of business conduct.

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