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Over 60 recipes that will help you create ultra-fast multithreaded purposes utilizing C++ with ideas, instructions, and top practices assessment Create multithreaded purposes utilizing the ability of C++ improve your functions with parallel execution in easy-to-understand steps not sleep thus far with new home windows eight concurrent projects steer clear of classical synchronization difficulties comprehend home windows API and concurrent execution What you'll examine from this e-book Use an object-oriented programming version with inheritance, overloading, and polymorphism resolve universal Interprocess verbal exchange difficulties and steer clear of deadlocks or hunger difficulties on your software improvement deal with threads successfully utilizing the CThread category discover .NET CLI/C++ gains in addition to synchronization items and methods utilize parallel options in code layout Use computing device assets in concurrent execution permit courses to paintings with one another utilizing Message Passing stay away from vintage synchronization difficulties intimately developing multithreaded purposes is a present-day process in the direction of programming. With the ability of C++, you could simply create numerous different types of purposes and practice parallelism and optimizations on your current paintings. This booklet is a pragmatic, robust, and easy-to-understand advisor to C++ multithreading. you'll tips on how to enjoy the multithreaded process and improve your improvement talents to construct larger purposes. This ebook won't in basic terms assist you keep away from difficulties while growing parallel code, but in addition assist you to appreciate synchronization recommendations. the tip aim of the ebook might be to impart numerous multithreading strategies that may help you do parallel computing and concurrent programming fast and successfully. procedure The ebook is an easy-to-follow advisor for growing multi-threaded functions utilizing C++. each one subject is carefully defined with a number of illustrations. Many algorithms, similar to Dinning Philosophers challenge provide you with thorough factors to help you to appreciate and resolve concurrent projects. Who this ebook is for The e-book is meant for company builders and programmers who desire to utilize C++ functions to profit the multithreaded strategy. wisdom of multithreading in addition to event in C++ is an further virtue. but it isn't a prerequisite.

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A process is an instance of an executing program. Each process has its own virtual address space and a thread of control. Thread is the basic unit for which Scheduler (operating system) allocates processor time. We can think of a system as a collection of processes running in a quasi-parallel environment. Rapid switching between processes (programs), back and forth, is called multitasking. Processes and threads In the following figure, we see a single core CPU multitasking system with four programs scheduled for execution: In the following figure, we have a multicore CPU multitasking system with four executing processes, each one with its own control flow and each one running independently of the other ones: In the following figure, we see that over a time interval, processes have made progress, but at any instant of time, only one process can run on one CPU core: 46 Chapter 2 As we said earlier, in any traditional operating system, each process has an address space and a single thread of control.

This is why it is called dynamic binding. Event handlers and Message Passing Interface Many programs respond to some events, such as when a user presses a button or inputs some text. A very important mechanism is event handling or the ability of a program to react to user action. If we want to handle when a user presses a button, we need to create some kind of a listener that will listen to button events, in this case a press action. 28 Chapter 1 An event handler is a function that the operating system calls each time the control sends some kind of message, such as I have been pressed in the case of buttons or I received a character in the case of a textbox.

Overriding a method is a feature that allows a derived class to provide a specific implementation of a method that is already provided in the base class. Take a look at the WhoAmI method from the previous example. Its output will be as follows: I am a person I am a worker I am a student Even though a method from each class has the same name, it is a different method and has a different functionality. We can say that the WhoAmI method is overridden in the CPerson derived class. There's more... Overriding is an excellent feature in OOP and C++, but polymorphism is even better.

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