By Skip Williams, Paul Jaquays

City Sites, the 1st in a sequence of AD&D video game floorplans, comprises huge information on city settings that participant characters are inclined to stopover at in any crusade. for example, there's:

A smithy run via gnomes

A temple that is domestic to an orphaned dragon

A tavern that consumers cannot input until eventually they offer the password

This booklet additionally describes lodges, a making a song fountain, a prison, and lots more and plenty more!

Each websites access tells the Dungeon grasp what where feels like at the beginning look and gives an in depth floorplan of the internal in addition to an image of the outside. Readers additionally locate interesting notes in regards to the characters who stay and paintings in each one website, and one or principles for personalizing the spot to fit any adventure.

From now on, make a visit to the town effortless - and intriguing!

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One can w e d k i a r horses in their stalls. city’s garrison. Street Level Thc north wing, which fronts on a busy street, houses the stables. Its 12-foot outer walls are unbroken exccpt for a tiny service entrance that opens onto a narrow alley west of the building, and the main gate, which opens onto the busy thoroughfare. At this entrance, the wall rises to form a 20foot arch. The gate itself has two valves made from thick bars of wrought iron that end in sharp points. The left valve contains a smaller doorway 3 feet wide and 6 feet high, big enough for most customers, but too small for horses.

50 Part 11 might require them to stable or mhiove R horse at odd h o w . 2. iqgtha haBse5 plenty of light and air. Though t&e *US k r n pretty dark and dingy w h e ~ e l & . u p ; ~cileu feel very snug; Gryphon often baaststhat the stalls in his stables am less drafty than most inns in town. Each stall h a s a manger and a:uwrter trough below the shutter. The stable bysEefill - I I the manger through the shutter. Pipes leading down from cisterns in the rafters keep the troughs full. For a flat, non-negotiable fee of 5 s p a day, Gryphon provides clean bedding, fodder, and grain for a stabled horse.

Carriage house: Gryphon keeps his personal carriage on site and often stores his customers’ vehicles as well, provided the draft animals that pull them are kept in the stables. He also has a filthy two-wheeled cart for hauling away manure and soiled bedding, which he sells to farmers and gardeners as fertilizer and mulch. A covered well in the west section supplies water for cleanup and acts as a e w e in case the cisterns run dry. However, hauling enough watcr from the well for all the horses is a backbreaking job that requires extra sM.

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