By Ed Greenwood

The Shadow Over Faerûn

The Time of problems had arrived. The chaos of spilled blood, lawless strife, monsters unleashed, and avatars roaming Faerûn had come.

But wrathful and warring gods weren't Faerûn's in basic terms problem.

The dreaded and insidious Shadowmasters had seized the chance to extend their impact and gear whereas Mystra and her minions have been in a different way engaged. The Shadowmasters had woven a mgical cloak of spells that may render the wearer invisible to their rival's magic.

The shadow over Faerûn spreads.

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Battling the sirine should not be easy. She remains invisible for the duration of the battle (imposing a -4 penalty on all attacks targeted at her) and wields a short sword of quickness. If the battle is going against her, she uses her polymorph ability to become a gull and fly away. Tbe CI#rse Lastly, should the heroes actually slay the sirine, the Dungeon Master could opt to have her curse the character who deals her the killing blow. The following text (which assumes that the sirine remains invisible for the duration of the battle) describes this event: Lady of the Lake (Sirine):AC 3; MV 12, Sw 24; HD 7; hp 40; THACO 13; #AT 1; Dmg ld6+2 (short sword of quickness +2); SA song, spell-like abilities, touch; SD see below; MR 20%; SZ M (5‘tall); ML steady (12); Int high (14); AL CE; XP 5,000.

After the heroes have had a moment to react to the sudden fog, the Lady begins to sing. The following text describes this attack: Once the sirine is defeated, all charmed characters return to normal. Should she be somehow subdued and addressed, the sirine has little to say to the characters. She attempts to flee to the safety of the water at her first opportunity, and does not return until the heroes are gone. Should the heroes survive their encounter with the sirine, they are free to explore the rest of the island.

The heroes suddenly find themselves faced with 4d6 townsfolk and 2d4 Inquisitors attempting to capture them. During any sort of skirmish like this, Lorelei sets the pyre aflame. If the heroes are to save Bryonna now, they have to do so in accordance with the guidelines previously presented. 2Isiq tfie Tincture The magical elixir that the heroes obtained from the hags is not difficult to use. The tincture of midnight is a n oily blue-black ink in a small glass vial. This vial holds only one ounce of the precious fluid, so they should be careful with it.

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