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Máquinas Eléctricas Rotativas: Introducción a la Teoría General

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5 T the material in reality needs more ampere turns than used for the analytical as well as the FEM calculation. Vice versa the usage of the correct H values will reduce the calculated stray C values in favourable direction to get purely calculated and mixed calculated stray C values to coincide. Disappointed from these problems, we now try to solve the problem by 3D-FEM calculation. This “true” model of reality will certainly produce what we need, namely exact values in advance of the production of a motor (Figure 13).

The frequency response functions (FRF) were calculated using a displacement pulse with amplitudes 10, 20, 30 and 40 percent of the air gap. Figure 3. The cross-sectional geometry of the 15 kW motor An unbalanced magnetic pull 869 Figure 4. 8 48 40 Star 400 50 69 37 At first, the 15 kW motor, which has open rotor slots was studied. Figure 5 shows the FRF of the radial component and Figure 6 the FRF of the tangential component of the force. The voltage was 100 V and the slip s ¼ 0 for all the used displacement pulses.

At this point, we turn to the situation outside the stack. The end windings of the stator coils of the individual phases can be viewed as stand alone objects. The nested end windings of one phase are linked due to the geometrical layout. One pole will be viewed as part of an ordinary single phase machine with two slots per phase and pole and in the slots a number of conductors, which in our case corresponds with the number of turns of each of the pole coils. Questionable is what magnetic conductance L one has to choose for the experimental machines.

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