By Dale Donovan

Herein is written the tale of the Cult of the Dragon, starting with its beginning according to an vague line in a tome of historical prophecy. examine of the Cult's strongest present cells, their leaders, the dragons and dracoliches that paintings with them (or for them), and their targets. become aware of the various foes the Cult has earned in over 4 centuries of treachery and industrious malevolent dealings. additionally integrated are the main points of a few of the spells and magical goods of the Cult and its dragons and dracoliches, together with the single merchandise that no Cult member will ever admit the life of, less declare to own. examine the various magical version and hybrid creatures that the Cult makes use of to excercise its will around the face of Faerun.

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Plots: Beyond Dmetrio’s plot to oust his mother and plant the seeds of his future domination across the Vilhon Reach in Sespech, the Cult‘s primary goal currently is to strengthen its position in the city. The cell’s recent attempted expansion into the Deepwash city of Surkh failed because another “cult” is already present in that city: Quite of few of Surkh’s evilly inclined lizard man citizens have secretly joined the church of Tiamat, which holds a position in Surkh similar to that of the Cult of the Dragon in Hlondeth.

He regularly meets in his shop, which sells locks, lockboxes, coffers, and imported Kara-Turan puzzle boxes, with any of a small number of other operatives in the Sword Coast region. Another brand of operative that the Cult uses is adventuring companies and parties. A member of a cell hires an unknowing group of wandering adventurers to perform some seemingly innocuous or even good-hearted deed that actually benefits the Cult in some way—such as ridding the land of a meddlesome tribe of humanoids that happens to be interfering with Cult smuggling operations in the area.

The truth behind this hopeful tale is horrific and rooted in the whispering evil of Aurgloroasa. In the Year of Dark Stalking (989 DR), dwarven miners from a remote outpost of Thunderholme inadvertently broke into Aurgloroasa’s lair and roused the very old shadow dragon from a decades-long sleep. Aurgloroasa quickly dispatched the startled dwarven miners and then cleverly caved in the tunnel by which they had reached her lair so that it appeared to be a natural cave-in. For the next dozen years, Aurgloroasa observed the comings and goings of Thunderholme from afar by means of powerful divination magics and a network of hidden spies she summoned from the Demiplane of Shadow.

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