By Bruce R. Cordell

Exile of the Hidden City.

Adept of forgotten mysteries.

Sorceress of the Celestial Nadir.

Haunted through nightmares and pushed through hope, Ususi defied the desire of her humans and ran away, venturing by myself into the surface international her humans deserted centuries ago.

Now Ususi tracks down the relics that introduced either prosperity and doom to her humans. but if an previous adversary reveals her path, she discovers the hazard she suggestion prior may perhaps merely be starting.

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1. You drag yourself onwards down the steps;tum to 27a 144 You rise lo your full height and challenge the Frost Giant championLodrinl a bottle of frewater with you before lhe ffght! The onlookersgasp as one Ciant. You hand Bagghurd the real stuff, and you yourself drarn the water in your own botlle Bagghurd is certainlylooking somewhatcrosseyed aiter he has labouredto finish the drink, and you can deduct 2 from his Atta& Slrength during the coming fight. Return to ao4 and ftght. If you are still alive, You rush your enemy,Lumto 295 Dwarven artisans,slill sLonyand awkward, tale some time to repair the chainmailarmour for you.

Tum to 36a the BoneStalkeradvanc€s at4 'scalmagzapdn. so you make a The signaturer€ads note oithis name he may be someonein a Positionof authority here, and certainly the small tower symbol below his name suggeststhat he may be found in the northem towers of Camex-Now, will you: Open the cage here, if you havent alreadydone so? Leavethis room and open the door opposite? Leavethe breweryand makefor the Lowers? Backlrackard leavethe towlr of Camex? Tum lo 9r Tum Lo5ro Turn to J85 Turn to 75 Your dwarven guides lead you along endlessBloomy passages,buf their exceptional {urderground senses alert them to prowling monsters befor.

Look,I just want ho find out aboutany seceLway to get into Camex,'you plead,If your Nemesipscoreis 4 or higher,tum to 96. If your Nemesisscoreis J or lower,tum Lo39o 8o You push open the door to an arrnoury chamberand ffnd a single item hanging on the bare stone wall in an otherwise feafurelessroom. You canscarcelybelieveyour good fortune at finding so swiflly what you cane to seek- but as you take it from the peg on which it hangs,you seethat it hastwelverentsin it. You canonly hope that the answerlies somewherein this dungeon,where you found it.

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