By Ilan Gur-Ze'ev

Diasporic Philosophy and Counter-Education addresses the demanding situations inflicted by way of the distinguished "new progressivism". It confronts the present all-powerful innovative anti-humanistic fireplace and its successful anti-Western redemptive campaign in any respect degrees and dimensions of existence below the post-metaphysical sky. during this ebook Diasporic counter-education doesn't give up to the prestigious temptations of new-age nomadism in its place to the postmodern pleasure-machine's promise. It makes an attempt to arrive past the whole battle opposed to the Jewish spirit and its manifestation in Western oppressive identification. It refuses any model of the continuum, "radical" or "conservative" self-indulgence, in addition to present nihilist-pragmatic quests for self-forgetfulness. Diasporic awakening is a in all likelihood common and enduring erotic paintings of a never-to-be-concluded-self-constitution and re-positioning. the purpose of this publication is for it to develop into a part of a brand new starting within the face of the hot worldwide tradition of mega-speeds, the exile of the humanist killer of God, the deconstruction of pre-conditions for transcendence and the growing to be chance of bringing to an finish of all lifestyles in the world. This e-book seeks to turn into a waking demand improvisational co-poiesis; a counter-education that may groom us to turn into extra brave in responding to the invitation of desire, making humankind richer within the consciousness of our response-ability to like of existence.

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Ontologically, it is important to emphasize the forgetfulness of the wholeness of Being and its openness to the not-yet-realized, the dimension of potentiality, of the totally other as represented in the Principle of Hope. However, even within the framework of Diasporic philosophy, the transcendence and the overcoming of limitations and hegemonic strategic attitudes, symbolic, and extra-symbolic dynamics, are concrete, specific, and historically and locally contextualized. That is why the anti-humanistic and anti-Diasporic-oriented tendencies in the relatively prosperous West are so effective.

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