By Bruce Cordell, Ari Marmell, Robert J. Schwalb

All in regards to the preferred monsters of D&D--the dragons!Draconomicon I: Chromatic Dragons describes a number of kinds of dragons, together with purple, blue, eco-friendly, black, and white dragons, in addition to 3 thoroughly new chromatic dragons.This sourcebook offers information of every dragon's powers, strategies, myths, lairs, servitors, and extra. furthermore, this publication offers new information regarding draconic countries (such as Arkhosia) and corporations, and the way chromatic dragons healthy into the D&D online game. Wide-ranging tale and crusade parts within the ebook provide DMs ready-to-play fabric that's simply integrated right into a gane, together with experience hooks, quests, and pregenerated treasure hoards.

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A purple dragon is a talented manipulator of other creatures. It achieves control through lies, misdirection, and direct mental domination. A purple dragon might seek control for any number of reasons, including sheer delight in bandying its power about, a desire to form a bulwark of allies and thralls for security, or curiosity about newly discovered tunnels or crevices leading to unknown areas deeper below, for which recruiting bands of disposable explorers might serve its purposes. As much as purple dragons enjoy controlling other creatures, however, they enjoy the thrill of exploration even more.

Some brown dragons dig out hollow areas just beneath the surface of the sands. Anyone who walks over such an area might cause it to collapse. The collapse does not create a sinkhole or endanger the walker, but it does create a subsurface, thrumming vibration strong enough to alert any nearby brown dragon to the presence of intruders. indd 34 empty air supported by old ruins or in buried cave mouths. Other browns might occupy large ruined structures on the desert’s surface, such as grand tombs from which looters have long departed.

36 ft. Lairs and Terrain Although a red dragon’s first terrain choice is somewhere elevated and especially hot, such as a volcano or a sulfurous geyser, a red does not require such a location. It might take residence in a normal mountain peak, in rocky badlands, or on a desert mesa: any location where it can perch high and survey its domain for miles around. Red dragons loathe the cold, but cold does not harm them any more than it does other creatures. A few reds even make their homes among snow-capped peaks, because altitude matters to them more than temperature.

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