By Doug Niles

Beckoned through a mysterious customer, the heroes embark on a undertaking into the very middle of the Dragon Highlords' realm. The ominous urban of Sanction, crouched in a slim valley among the powerful volcanoes referred to as the Lords of Doom, holds the key of the great dragons' oath.

Unimaginable terrors watch for the social gathering as they seek town, looking a key to the fiery lair of the Dragon Highlord and his evil minions. Can the heroes clear up the secret of the dragons' oath? Will they penetrate the deception of the darkish Queen in time to convey salvation to Krynn? Or will their valiant efforts be in vain?

"Dragons of Deceit" is the outstanding end to the second one e-book of the epic DRAGONLANCE saga, to be used with the complex DUNGEONS & DRAGONS online game procedure. you could play this experience on its own or as a part of the grand quest that covers the full DRAGONLANCE tale.

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Use the following tables to set up a Random Encounter. Table 1 contains a list of all the types of areas that might be explored during the adventure. The numbers under the column labeled “Check” show how often you should check to see if a Random Encounter occurs in that area. For example, “1/3 hours” means that you should make a Random Encounter check once every three game hours while in that area. To make a Random Encounter check, roll 1d10. If the result is 1, a Random Encounter takes place. ” Roll the die listed and add the modifier beside it.

They ask the PCs to join them and provide air cover and reconnaissance while the riderless dragons invade the Temple of Luerkhisis. The PCs may go along with the dragons or they may decide to go elsewhere with their steeds (see Event 19 if the PCs decide not to return to Sanction). The dragons will agree to wait for two days if the PCs need to go to Palanthus to get Dragonlances, but they will accept no other delays in their quest for vengeance. event 17: Return to Palanthus Run this event if the heroes return to Palanthus to get the Dragonlances.

If the heroes do not have enough mounted Dragonlances to outfit all party members, Aurumnus suggests that the characters and their mounts travel there to outfit for war against the evil dragons. Hearing of Takhisis’s treachery and the horrible fate of the eggs has ignited a burning hatred in the hearts of the good dragons. They are determined to storm Sanction and recover their eggs. Most of the dragons (about 200) will head to Sanction. They ask the PCs to join them and provide air cover and reconnaissance while the riderless dragons invade the Temple of Luerkhisis.

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