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Under the echoes of 1968, these critiques galvanized a new generation of economic geographers. Just as Lösch turned to the capitalist market to redress the evils of Nazism, so Harvey (1982) turned to socialism to redress the evils of capitalism. Drawing heavily on Marx (whose arguments can be as deductive-analytical as those of mainstream economics, Roemer 1981), Harvey shows that economic inequality is inevitable because production under capitalism entails the exploitation of one class by another.

Within the arena of production, as the service sector has become more dominant, geographers have increasingly given more attention to services. The production lens brought to the study of services by geographers such as Bill Beyers and his students has resulted in studies exploring the location decisions of service sector firms and documenting the importance of services to regional export economies (Beyers 2005). Despite their growing willingness to encompass industries other than manufacturing, economic geographers are still wont to look at the world one industry at a time, whether the industry in question is films, computers, software, financial services, machine tools, automobiles, or retailing.

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