By Alejandro Melchor, Patricio Soler, Larry Elmore

Dragon Magic is all approximately harnessing the uncooked energy of dragonkind, attending to the very roots of magic and uncovering the private mysteries - it takes loads of time, persistence and realizing, however the actual Dracomancer has few equals and should also be strong sufficient to bend Dragons themselves to his will. the trail to including Dragon Magic for your sorcerer, wizard or bard can commence very early yet this can be a self-discipline that in simple terms really bears fruit on the optimum of degrees. And its results may be frightening.

Dragon Magic kicks off with an summary of the artwork, masking the parts that really make spells paintings and the way they relate to dragons, the Dragonsong, the excessive Draconic language, dragon bloodlines and the genuine Wordsof energy. this is often equipped upon through the following bankruptcy, Draconic - Language of Magic, which gives the entire easy instruments a practitioner wishes if he's to undertake Dragon Magic. scholars needs to work flat out to profit excessive Draconic (it isn't easily 'just' one other language), and its program has an everlasting drain on magical talents. With this, notwithstanding, comes new advantages - spellcasting utilizing excessive Draconic allows a caster to change spells at the fly as though suffering from a Metamagic feat yet with out real requirement to have learnt the feat within the first position - when you've got ever puzzled how your wizard may well attainable use the entire metamagic feats at the moment on hand to him, this can be one path he can attempt. the danger is having the spell backfire with a few assorted results, so a practitioner has to be wary, balancing his ability in excessive Draconic with the specified results. With excessive Draconic additionally comes an knowing of the phrases of strength, just like strength note spells yet with enormously prolonged functions. those are the roots of all magical spells, and a practitioner can now, for the 1st time, entry this base magic at once. final, there are the Dragonsongs, the instruments of bardic practitioners who study the refrain all dragons sing

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When using a dragon part to enhance his caster level, the dragoncrafter must roll a Caster check (DC = caster level desired +6) to see if he can channel the magical energy through the dragon component and continue with the process of crafting the item. If the check fails, he was unable to use the dragon part in this way and cannot attempt to craft the item until he complies Although dragoncraft allows its practitioners to use dragon parts to cut some corners, they still must know how to craft the items they are using the parts for.

Dragoncrafters are well aware that the bodies of dragons have magic coursing through every scale and, rather than fashioning them into magical items, they create special amulets that resonate strongly with a dragon’s essence. These amulets use the principle of sympathetic magic to provide spellcasters with temporary replacements for material components. Known as a dragon focus, such an amulet can help the caster in situations where he has no access to his material components, or simply save him a lot of hassle, not to mention money, for as long as the focus retains its power.

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