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The longer we hold on to the empty hope that somebody will miraculously think of something, the more disastrous the drive off the end of the road will be. The truth is that science may not be able to think of something, especially given the extraordinary complexity of oil’s relationship to the world economy. 52. We'll think of something. We always do. Necessity is the mother of invention. Yes, and lots of cheap oil has been the father of invention for 150 years. No invention was mass-produced and no resource was distributed without an abundance of cheap oil.

If the EPR of oil derived from TD does not approach the EPR of traditional oil, it will not alleviate our problems. The biggest problem with TD is that it is being advertised as a means to maintain business as usual. Such advertising promotes further consumption, provides us with a dangerously false sense of security, and encourages us to continue thinking that we don't need to make this issue a priority. 91 As water, gas, and oil become increasingly scarce, feeding corpses into a TD machine could conceivably become necessary.

When the oil crash comes, our civilization is going to get knocked back to 1765. We will not recover, as there is no economically available oil left to discover that could help us recover. 35 The Oil Age is Over 27. How does all this tie in with Global Climate Change? Fossil fuel consumption and global climate change are intricately tied to each other. According to data analyzed by the Global Commons Institute there has been a near 100% correlation between world Gross Domestic Product growth and the emission of greenhouse gases from the consumption of hydrocarbon energy.

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