By Hubert Chanson

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About the author

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List of symbols

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1 - Introduction

, Pages 3-10
2 - basics of open channel flows

, Pages 11-34
3 - creation to blending and dispersion in common waterways

, Pages 37-48
4 - Turbulent shear flows

, Pages 49-64
5 - Diffusion: easy theory

, Pages 65-74
6 - Advective diffusion

, Pages 75-80
7 - Turbulent dispersion and combining: 1. Vertical and transverse mixing

, Pages 81-98
8 - Turbulent dispersion and combining: 2. Longitudinal dispersion

, Pages 99-116
9 - Turbulent dispersion in common systems

, Pages 117-143
10 - blending in estuaries

, Pages 144-176
Part 2 - Revision exercises

, Pages 177-182
11 - Unsteady open channel flows: 1. simple equations

, Pages 185-222
12 - Unsteady open channel flows: 2. Applications

, Pages 223-262
13 - Unsteady open channel flows: three. program to block holiday wave

, Pages 263-301
14 - Numerical modelling of unsteady open channel flows

, Pages 302-315
Part three - Revision exercises

, Pages 316-321
15 - Interactions among flowing water and its atmosphere: Introduction

, Pages 325-330
16 - interplay among flowing water and strong obstacles: Sediment processes

, Pages 331-347
17 - interplay among flowing water and loose surfaces: Self-aeration and air entrainment

, Pages 348-398
Appendix A - Constants and fluid properties

, Pages 399-402
Appendix B - Unit conversions

, Pages 403-405

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Abbreviations of journals and institutions

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Common bibliographical abbreviations

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2 Definition sketch of open channel flow. 3a) where Q is the total discharge and B is thefree-surfacewidth. Remarks L if is also called the depth-averaged total head, 2. The t^ia (dcm $ 4- z^) is often called the piezometric h e ^ 3. If the velocity varies across the section, the kinetic raergy torn must be 0(mm^^ m: H=^dcos0 ^z^-^a— whore the kinetic energy correction coefficient a, tako calW the Coriolis cm&Amk% ranges typically between 1 and 1*05. 4. For an irregular channel, the ^pression of the specific en^gy becomes: E^dmsQ-^ - ^ - r =rfcose+ — (2Jb) where A is the cross-sectional area.

E. choking occurs at the step. Froude number The Froude number is a dimensionless number proportional to the square root of the ratio of the inertial forces over the weight of fluid. 15) igd Model studies of open channel flows and hydraulic structures are performed using a Froude similitude. That is, the Froude number must be the same for the model and the prototype. Remarks 1. In hOTbsontel, r^rtangular channels, the Froude mmaber is imity at criticalflowconditions. It m ^ te rewritten as: • & ) 2.

Measuring weirs are built across a stream for the purpose of measuring the flow. Weisbach Julius Weisbach (1806-1871) was a German applied mathematician and hydraulician. Wen Cheng-Ming Chinese landscape painter (1470-1559). One of his famous works is the painting of 'Old trees by a cold waterfall'. WES standard spillway shape Spillway shape developed by the US Army Corps of Engineers at the Waterways Experiment Station. Wetted perimeter Considering a cross-section (usually selected normal to the flow direction), the wetted perimeter is the length of wetted contact between the flowing stream and the solid boundaries.

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