By Shaun Tougher

Eunuchism used to be a subject matter which either intrigued and embarrassed the traditional global. The designated advantage attributed to the castrated male at courtroom, of undistracted loyalty to his ruler, aided the promoting of diverse eunuchs to positions of significant strength. A literary discourse constructed, reviling and occasionally protecting the eminence of those 'half-men'. right here, 13 new reports from a global solid discover how eunuchs have been perceived, and additionally reconstruct the realities of eunuchs' lives in Greek, Roman, Byzantine and japanese tradition.

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If a woman of the palace calls to a courtier while her hips are bare [and not covered] with a loin-cloth ... [and if] he turns to speak with her, he will be beaten one hundred times. If a courtier wishes to speak with a woman of the palace, he may not approach closer to her than seven paces. If someone violates this decree and the eunuch in charge of the palace hears of it and does not punish him, the eunuch in charge of the palace will bear the punishment ... 7 1 What is interesting about this harem edict is the evidence it provides for rank among the harem eunuchs- those who are simple palace servants who should see and hear nothing, those who patrol the corridors on lookout, and the 'eunuch in front of the palace', who should see and hear everything.

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