By Monte Cook

Faction struggle is an event that tracks the struggle from its nefarious origins via its sour battles to its final solution and past - and places the way forward for Sigil within the arms of the participant characters. This ebook finds secrets and techniques, unravels mysteries, brings long-simmering plots to a head, and marks the start of a brand new period for the town of doorways.

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All Kiril Duskmourn does is administered away--from guilt, from her earlier, and from her obligations. yet she can't run any more. She misplaced every little thing preventing the Traitor from loosing his unholy revolution, and now the bindings on his telephone are weakening. She on my own holds the main to his unlock or extra imprisonment. yet does she nonetheless have the strength of mind and arm to make the proper choice?

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Vestmmts (civil and Church): Fine h e n or silk with silk and gold embroidery. Vsses: Carved from marble, horn, tinted glass, or wood and sometimes decoratd with silver or gold. Reliquaries: Containers €orholy relics; ivory, crystal, silver, and gold with ornaments of carved ivory or precious stones. Signet rings: Silver or gold with ivory inlay. Jewelry: Brooches, rings, pins, pendants, bracelets in silver and gold with precious stones and pearls. Sacramental items: Crosses, portable altars, 54 Chapter Five patens (plates),chalices, candlesticks, and other objects in silver and gold.

If pagan practices are still common, some locals may still worship these spirits; if most local folk are converted to the Church, or at least intimidated from pagan practices by the harsh laws against such, the significance of the sites and their associated spirits may be forgotten or known only to the old folk and secret worshipers of the Old Ways. In historical campaigns, PCs should be terrified and threatened by pagan spirits. They will typically wish to cleanse the site of what they perceive to be evil demons.

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