By Richard Baker

Within the arms of an elf high-mage, the fabled mythals are Faerûn's such a lot powerful assets of magical strength. yet within the fingers of a demon princess from a forgotten epoch, they're the main strong guns that you can think of.

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At 2nd ing of the battlemage’s spells. The level, the battlemage may use this abilsword is not consumed or damaged by ity once per day and apply the Silent Spell feat to the battle its use as a focus, although it must be in hand to be used in this spell he chooses to cast. way. The Raumathari battlemage gains +1 caster level with At 4th level, the battlemage gains a second battle spell per any spell cast through his sword focus. day, which he can still as per the Still Spell feat. The rite to create a sword focus requires three days and At 6th level, the battlemage gains a third battle spell per 1,000 gp in magical materials as well as a masterwork weapon.

Despite his impeccable tastes, he is nevertheless a by an invisible attacker. He cannot be flanked (except by a thoroughly evil man who justifies his foul occupation with rogue of 18th level or higher). ” He maintains resisword, ring of protection +3, cloak of resistance +2, gauntlets dences and strongholds in many lands, all well guarded and of Dexterity +4, amulet of health +2, masterwork light fitted with the luxuries he enjoys so much. crossbow. qxd 2/10/03 9:35 AM Page 40 Feats Reading the Region Descriptions Each of the regions is described in the following order.

Above all these criminals stand the Telflammar shadowlords, the secret captains of iniquity who demand unquestioned obedience from their numerous minions. Characters of other classes may hold important positions in the guild, but the shadowlords call the shots. Hit Die: d6. CLASS FEATURES All the following are class features of the Telflammar shadowlord prestige class. Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Telflammar shadowlords gain no proficiency in any weapon or armor. Spells Per Day/Spells Known: At each Telflammar shadowlord level, the character gains the ability to cast a small number of arcane spells.

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