By Kees Van Der Pijl

This powerfully argued and cogent e-book demanding situations the commonly usual concept that the age of overseas rivalries is completed. Kees van der Pijl keeps that lower than the outside of the present pattern to globalise and homogenise in the course of the transnationalism of capital and sophistication formation lies a profound glide in the direction of disintegration and conflagration.

In this well-documented examine of contemporary foreign heritage, the author:

- demanding situations the idea that the area this present day has been unified less than a unmarried economic climate (capitalism) with an ‘international community’ policing it to guard democracy and human rights;

- perspectives capitalist globalisation as starting up rifts of the previous, arduous nature, exacerbating inequality and developing instabilities;

- argues that the obvious homogenisation of the worldwide political economic climate hides a distinct flow in the direction of social main issue and clash; and

- offers with a number of the key problems with our time, within the time-honoured demeanour of the nice sweep of heritage.

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Certainly ‘human rights’ and ‘democracy’ continue to be selectively promoted—in Ukraine but not in Pakistan, for example. But the global neoliberal offensive is conducted in the name of ‘freedom’ as defined by Hayek, never as social justice or democratic emancipation. Today, property rights and capitalist discipline overrule all else. As Tony Blair put it in a speech to the New York Stock Exchange in late 1998, the string of financial crises rocking the world at that time did not mean that ‘market disciplines have failed, but that in a global economy the absence of such disciplines can have devastating effect.

Moore (1981: 46). Marx used the term ‘original accumulation’ in quotation marks because what really characterises the preparation for capitalism is the expropriation of the direct producers. I profit here from discussions with Robbie Shilliam, and the critique of my own use of original accumulation instead of expropriation by Isam al-Khafaji (2004: 78). 42. Arrighi (1978: 57–8). 43. Nederveen Pieterse (1990: 312). 44. Rosenstock-Huessy (1993: 163). 45. Foucault (1966: 94) discusses the ideas of Port-Royal extensively.

Rosenberg (1998: 13). 59. Y. Elliott defined the ‘Communist threat’ more broadly as any independent economic policies of socialist or nationalist countries proceeding ‘in ways that reduce their willingness and ability to complement the industrial economies of the West’ (quoted in Chomsky 1985: 6). This also informs the analysis of US expansion by William Appleman Williams (1962). 60. The notion of ‘vassal state’ is taken from Castells (1998: 277). 61. Houweling (1997). 62. Chapter 8 on the EU in de Swaan (2001) is subtitled, ‘The more languages, the more English’.

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