By Mike Mearls

A D&D® event for characters of degrees 7-10The historic bushes of the Shadowsong wooded area have borne witness to the passing of epochs, and hidden underneath their darkish cover are the continues to be of empires lengthy departed. Few souls courageous adequate to discover the primeval wooded area ever go back, for numerous horrors hang-out the crumbled ruins. whilst a band of evil criminals seeks safe haven in the darkest reaches of the wooded area, courageous adventurers are had to root them out. the path results in the guts of the woods, in which looms the best mystery of all -- the Pyramid of Shadows.H3 Pyramid of Shadows is a D&D experience designed for heroic-tier characters of degrees 7-10. it may be performed as a stand-alone experience or because the ultimate a part of a three-part series.This product contains an experience e-book for the Dungeon grasp, a player's e-book containing new personality innovations and crusade details, participant handouts, and a full-color poster map, all contained in a convenient folder.

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AC; 1d6 + 9 damage, and the target is pushed 1 square. M Swat (immediate reaction, when an enemy moves into a position that flanks the ettin; at-will) The ettin targets one creature flanking it: +13 vs. Fortitude; the target is pushed 3 squares. Double Actions An ettin rolls initiative twice, gets two turns during a round, and has a full set of actions (standard, move, minor) on each turn. Each set of actions corresponds to a different head. The ettin’s ability to take immediate actions refreshes on each of its turns.

One creature that was trapped during the pyramid’s occasional appearance in the natural world is Gurrak, an ettin who has claimed the entrance pit as his own personal hunting ground. He collects heads from the corpses that fill the pit, but they disappear and eventually return to the pit thanks to the magic of the place. So, Gurrak much prefers to hunt new arrivals for the heads he so proudly likes to display. When the adventurers appear in the pit, show the players “View of the Entrance Pit” on page 23 of Adventure Book One, and read: A stench of death and blood assails you as you appear suddenly atop a pile of bodies.

His reach allows him to easily reach the PCs. If he can manage to kill one of the adventurers, he immediately tries to carry that character over to the display wall so that he can begin preparing the character’s head for display. The carrion crawlers stay in the pit and focus their attacks on characters that to move out of the ettin’s reach. If the characters climb out of the pit, the carrion crawlers follow. They flee into the pit if they are bloodied. In the second round of combat, three of the bodies in the pit animate and attack the adventurers.

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