By G.S. Rosenkrantz

Many modern philosophers have an interest within the scotistic idea of haecceity or `thisness' since it is proper to special difficulties touching on id and individuation, reference, modality, and propositional attitudes. Haecceity is the single book-length paintings dedicated to this subject. the writer develops a unique security of Platonism, arguing, first, that abstracta - nonqualitative haecceities - are had to clarify concreta's being varied at a time; and moment, that unexemplified haecceities are then required to house the entire diversity of circumstances within which there are attainable worlds containing members no longer found in the particular global. within the cognitive quarter, an unique epistemic argument is gifted which means that yes haecceities might be grasped through somebody: his personal, these of yes of his psychological states, and people of varied abstracta, yet now not these of exterior issues. it's argued that consequently there's a transparent experience during which one is without delay familiar with the previous entities, yet now not with exterior issues.

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Suppose for the sake of a reductio that either (E4) is analyzable as being identical with Whiteness or (E5) is analyzable as being identical with Blackness. In that event, either being the opposite of white is analyzable as being black or being the opposite of black is analyzable as being white. In either case,' we have a philosophical analysis whose analysans is less complex, logically speaking, than its analysandum. However, according to Sosa's conception of philosophical analysis, the analysans must be of greater logical complexity than the analysandum.

Notice that a categorial division of this kind is possible only at level B. No intelligible ontological category below level B can be explicated in wholly negative terms. Attempting to explicate such a category, x, in wholly negative terms is, after all, not to distinguish x from other categories which are at the same level of generality as x and which can also be described in those negative terms. To explicate such a category and to distinguish it from other categories at the same level of generality, one must sufficiently characterize the positive nature of that category.

63 Level C Abstract \■ Set (off L) Property Relation Proposition... (on L) 57Thus, my account of a level C category in terms of L and (DI) generates a "list" of categories of being that is open-ended. In other words, (DI) is logically compatible with two things. Firstly, that there are one or more level C categories which are not on L. Secondly, that one or more of the categories on L are not at level C (because they are not instantiable). Hence, (DI) differs from Aristotle's list of the categories of being, which has afixed membership.

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