By Norman Bentwich

Activities IN JUDAISM- HELLENISM via NORMAN BENTWlCH. initially released in 1919. The interplay of Judaisrn and Hellenistic tradition is then one of many basic struggIes within the march of civilization. This e-book has attempted to teach the relation of this improvement to the belief of Catholic Judaism, and has thought of the HelIenenistic jewish literature and philosophy from a viewpoint of rabbinical tradition.. it's was hoping that the account of the clash of Judaism with the tradition of the traditional global can have an curiosity for the Jewish lifetime of our personal day.

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They largely controlled the important corn trade of the Nile, and the alabarch, whose function it was to regulate the commerce of the Delta, was frequently chosen from their com­ munity. Alexandria was the centre of the Jewish community in Egypt and the second Jewish city in the world; but there were considerable settlements stretching up the Nile as far as modern Abyssinia. A special Jewish district was established in the Delta around Leontopolis, where, at the time of the Seleucid persecution, the exiled priest Onias obtained permission to erect a temple to be a new centre of Jewish worship.

While their independent city-states flourished from the eighth to the third century, the Greeks, or Hellenes, as they are more properly called,1 developed a literary, a plastic, and a dramatic art, such as no other people at any ep­ och has equalled; they evolved a system of social and political life more harmonious and more beau­ tiful than any subsequent development of the state; and, lastly, they fostered a freedom of thought and an intellectual searching into the nature of things which have been an inspiration to every enlight­ ened age.

Com << Chapter >> Home | TOC | Index HELLENISM Certain dark fears and forebodings, a substra­ tum of primitive superstitions, had always lurked beneath the outward brightness of Hellenic life. This Hinterland of thought came into prominence when the Greeks met eastern civilization. The re­ ligious systems of Assyria and Chaldea frequently conceived of the gods as evil spirits which are to be placated; and as, in the general interchange of thought, the elements of their civilization pene­ trated the Hellenic world, the superstitious seeds which were already there were nourished, and pro­ duced a rank harvest.

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