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EM 1110-2-1605 12 May 87 is applicable and free uncontrolled flow discharge coefficients versus (Head/Breadth of Crest) from item 22 of Appendix A are shown in Figure 5-9. 5 . No correction for pier effects is recommended with these coefficients. Crest length should be reduced for abutment effects by the equation L effective = L actual - 2KH (5-3) Since the discharge coefficients presented in Figure 5-9 already account for pier effects, the abutment contraction coefficient K should be about onehalf of the value selected from HDC Chart 111.

1) Discharge over a submerged weir can be expressed by the equation : Q = C LH3/2 s (5-4) Cs from model data is shown to vary with h/H. Results from item 22 of Appendix A show that discharge coefficients for this flow regime are not significantly affected by stilling basin apron elevation. Figure 5-10 presents recommended submerged uncontrolled flow discharge coefficients as a function of h/H. These coefficients were developed from a large number of model investigations. (2) Preliminary rating curves for low-head dams under submerged uncontrolled flow conditions can be computed by the d’ Aubuisson equation (5-5) where K = spillway coefficient of contraction L = crest length = number of bays times the bay width, ft V = spillway approach velocity, ft/sec H, h = see Figure 5-1 Suggested K values vary with spillway bay width as follows: 5-12 SOFTbank E-Book Center Tehran, Phone: 66403879,66493070 For Educational Use.

EM 1110-2-1605 12 May 87 may be carried into a stilling basin over the top of low monoliths during construction, by rollers or eddies bringing debris in from downstream, or by cobbles moving as bed load. Protection stone in the vicinity of the end sill should not contain stone sizes that can be transported by underrollers into the stilling basin. In some cases, the contractor may fail to clean out all hard, loose material after construction. During operation, rocks may be thrown in from the sidewall by the public, or fishermen using rocks for anchors may leave them behind.

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