By Hubert. Chanson

Content material:
Preface to the 1st edition

, Pages xi-xii
Preface to the second one edition

, Pages xiii-xv

, Pages xvi-xvii
About the author

, Page xviii

, Pages xx-xxxviii
List of symbols

, Pages xxxix-xlvii
1 - Introduction

, Pages 3-8
2 - basic equations

, Pages 9-20
3 - purposes of the Bernoulli equation to open channel flows

, Pages 21-49
4 - purposes of the momentum precept: Hydraulic bounce, surge and move resistance in open channels

, Pages 50-93
5 - Uniform flows and progressively various flows

, Pages 94-110
Part 1 - Revision exercises

, Pages 111-140
6 - creation to sediment shipping in open channels

, Pages 143-150
7 - Sediment shipping and sediment properties

, Pages 151-168,I-VIII
8 - Inception of sediment movement — incidence of mattress load motion

, Pages 169-182
9 - Inception of suspended-load motion

, Pages 183-187
10 - Sediment shipping mechanisms: 1. Bed-load transport

, Pages 188-203
11 - Sediment shipping mechanisms: 2. Suspended-load transport

, Pages 204-217
12 - Sediment delivery potential and overall sediment transport

, Pages 218-238
Part 2 - Revision exercises

, Pages 239-245
13 - precis of easy hydraulic principles

, Pages 249-252
14 - actual modelling of hydraulics

, Pages 253-274
15 - Numerical modelling of regular open channel flows: Backwater computations

, Pages 275-289
16 - Unsteady open channel flows: 1. uncomplicated equations

, Pages 290-317
17 - Unsteady open channel flows: 2. Applications

, Pages 318-370
Part three - Revision exercises

, Pages 371-385,IX-XVI
18 - creation to the layout of hydraulic structures

, Pages 389-390
19 - layout of weirs and spillways

, Pages 391-430
20 - layout of drop buildings and stepped cascades

, Pages 431-439
21 - Culvert design

, Pages 440-475
Part four - Revision exercises

, Pages 476-511

, Pages 512-527
Additional bibliography

, Pages 528-530
P1 - A examine of the Marib dam and its sluice approach (BC a hundred and fifteen to advert 575)

, Pages 533-540
P2 - A learn of the Moeris reservoir, the Ha-Uar dam and the canal connecting the Nile River and Lake Moeris round BC 2900 to BC 230

, Pages 541-550
P3 - A examine of the Moche river irrigation structures (Peru advert 200-1532)

, Pages 551-560
P4 - Hydraulics of the Nîmes aqueduct

, Pages 561-572
Suggestion/correction form

, Pages 573-574
Author index

, Pages 575-578
Subject index

, Pages 579-585

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If the same fluids (air and water) are used in both model and prototype. Mo may replace the Weber, Reynolds or Froude number as: Mo = Nu Re Fr'Re' 1. g. pipe diameter, flow depth, sphere diameter. Some examples are listed below: Flow Circular pipe flow Flow in pipe of irregular cross-section Flow resistance in open channel flow Wave celerity in open channel flow Flow past a cylinder Comments D Du Dn d D Pipe diameter Hydraulic diameter Hydraulic diameter Flow depth Cylinder diameter xlvii Introduction Summary The introduction chapter reviews briefly the basic fluid properties and some important results for fluids at rest.

2°C has a kinematic viscosity of exactly 10~^m^/s. xlvi List of symbols 3. 0733 N/m at 20°C. 4. 2 kg/w? 8 X 10"^Pas, respectively. g. e. e. body) in the plane normal to the flow direction. Eu Euler number defined as: £"1/ = VAP/P Fr X. 1 ^ ^n ^ r^ Froude number defined as: Fr = , ^ Vincrtial forcc — VKharac "^^'^^^ Note: some authors use the notation: _ V'^ Kharac Ma Mo _ pV^A inertial force P^^^charac Weight V Sarrau-Mach number: Ma = — C Morton number defined as: Mo = ^ The Morton number is afimctiononly offluidproperties and gravity constant.

G. changes in channel slope or width). g. g. g. velocity andflowdepth). 2 FLUID PROPERTIES The density p of a fluid is defined as its mass per unit volume. All real fluids resist any force tending to cause one layer to move over another, but this resistance is offered only while the movement is taking place. Newton's law of viscosity postulates that, for the straight parallel motion of a givenfluid,the tangential stress between two adjacent layers is proportional to the velocity gradient in a direction perpendicular to the layers: T=M?

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