By R. A. Salvatore

Input the wooded area of Shadows...

In Sylvan Shadows follows Cadderly the scholar-priest, as he leaves his domestic to strive against the evil unleashed by way of the Chaos Curse. To counter fort Trinity's plans for conquest, the cleric and his buddies input the attractive woodland of Shilmista. yet one of the bushes and glades of the wooded area, Cadderly needs to conflict a big evil.

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Cadderly asked, his shoulders slumping a bit. He hadn't considered that fact about Prince Elbereth, that the elf had seen more in his life than Cadderly ever would, and probably would live on long after Cadderly's body was no more than a pile of dust. "Some have, and they are indeed wise, I would presume," replied Avery, "but not most. The elves have become increasingly untrusting and xenophobic. They keep to their own, and to their own lands, and know little beyond their borders. I first met Prince Elbereth three decades ago and would guess that I have learned much more than he in that time.

The large headmaster rubbed a kerchief across his blotchy face, huffing and puffing almost continually as his bloated body tried to pull in enough air. Even before the advent of the chaos curse, Avery had been a rotund man. Now he was obese, having gone on a gluttonous spree along with several other of the Edificant Library's most prominent eaters. In the throes of the chaos curse, some of those priests had literally eaten themselves to death. "You must take longer walks each morning," offered Headmistress Pertelope, a neatly groomed, graying woman with hazel eyes that still showed the inquisitive luster more common to a much younger person.

He was her greatest supporter; he was as much her strength as her own inner discipline. But then he, too, was gone. Danica rose and slowly approached the enemy stone. You cannot resist, her thoughts called out to the block. I am the stronger. Her arms waved slowly before her, weaving in an intricate dance, and she continued her mental assault on the stone, treating it as some sentient thing, assuring herself that she was convincing it that it could not win. This was the technique of Penpahg D'Ahn, and Penpahg D'Ahn had broken the stone.

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