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Therefore, it describes (power-law) inflation without a graceful exit. To arrange a graceful exit we have to “damage” the potential. For two or more scalar fields the number of options increases. Thus it is not helpful here to go into the details of the different models. In the absence of the underlying fundamental particle theory, one is free to play with the potentials and invent more new scenarios. In this sense the situation has changed since the time the importance of inflation was first realized.

In this sense the situation has changed since the time the importance of inflation was first realized. In fact, in the 80s many people considered inflation a useful application of the Grand Unified Theory that was believed to be known. Besides solving the initial conditions problem, inflation also explained why we do not have an overabundance of the monopoles that are an inevitable consequence of a GUT. Either inflation ejects all previously created monopoles, leaving less than one monopole per present horizon volume, or the monopoles are never produced.

This piece is located near the upper border of the conformal diagram for de Sitter space and the lower border for the flat, open or closed Friedmann universes (Fig. 8), where the difference between the hypersurfaces of constant time for flat, open or closed cases is negligibly small. After a graceful exit we obtain a very large domain of the Friedmann universe with incredibly small flatness and this domain covers all present observable scales. The global structure of the universe on scales much larger than the present horizon is not relevant for an observer − at least not for the next hundred billion years.

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