By Faith Erin Hicks, J. Torres

Rufus is bo-o-o-ored at his grammy's residence within the nation. but if he follows a lady into the woods and reveals a totem in a hollowed-out tree, issues turn into a lot extra attention-grabbing. particularly whilst he reads the notice etched into the paranormal talisman: "Sasquatch."

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Penny! Ruuufus! Penny? Ru ... fus? Waaaaah! Penny! Wait! Ow. Who’s making all the racket? Some of us are nocturnal over here! Sounded like a bear dropped out of a tree ... Penny ...? Penny? Who’s Penny? Um ... a girl? A girl. Is she your girlfriend? No! She doesn’t even like me. Who are you? Where are you? Why? What’s wrong with you? Nothing! What’s wrong with you? Look up. You’re a talking squirrel. ::Yawn:: And let me guess, you’re the tallest kid in your class. I don’t usually look like this.

Sniff-sniff:: Squirrel. ::Sniff-sniff:: Boy. ::Sniff:: Magic! I have found something. So have I! Did you see a squirrel go by here with a sheet? Sheet? What sheet? Um ... that sheet! A squirrel stole it from our clothesline! Squirrel? What squirrel? That squirrel! Do you know that squirrel? No! Of course not. Why would I know that squirrel? That’s just ... silly! Silly? Says the boy wearing a sheet! Where are all your clothes? Gasp! You weren’t attacked by that bear, were you? Bear? What bear?

Sorry. So can you fly? I didn’t know squirrels could fly! Some of us can. Guess you don’t know much about squirrels, eh? No, but ... I’m pretty sure I can’t fly. I bet you’re a good climber, though! Actually, I’m awesome on the jungle gym! Oops ... Hup! Hup! Whoaaa! Yep. That’s the sound of a bear falling out of a tree. No, you’re stronger than one. Much stronger. I told you! I’m not a bear! Hey ... can you smell that? It’s Grammy’s apple pie! That’s coming from pretty far away. You’ve got a good nose.

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