By Jamie Jaworski

Organize your self for the 3 Java certification assessments - programmer, developer, architect - utilizing thiscomprehensive research consultant

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String s3 = "cd"; 45. String s4 = s1 + s3; 46. s1 = s4; 47. print("s1 "+((s1 == s2)? =")+" s2"); 48. } } A. B. C. D. = s2 s1 s1 == "abcd" 49. Which statement (exactly one) is true about the following program? 50. class Question { 51. public static void main(String[] args) { 52. 0; 53. 0; 54. byte b = 1; 55. d1 = d1 / d2; 56. b = (byte) d1; 57. print(b); - 57 - 58. } } A. It results in the throwing of an ArithmeticException. B. It results in the throwing of a DivideByZeroException. C. 5. D. It displays the value -1.

It results in the throwing of a DivideByZeroException. C. 5. D. It displays the value -1. 59. 2"? A. 6. B. 6". C. The long value 8. D. 2". 60. What is the result of the following program? 61. class Question { 62. public static void main(String[] args) { 63. int i = 7; 64. int j = 8; 65. int n = (i | j) % (i & j); 66. print(n); 67. } } A. 0 B. 15 C. An ArithmeticException is thrown. D. -15 68. Suppose that classes X and Y are subclasses of Z and Z implements the W interface. Which of the following are true?

Main 16. Which of the following are primitive types? A. byte B. String C. integer D. Float 17. What is the range of the short type? A. 0 to 216 B. -(216) to 216 C. -(215) to 215 D. -(215) to 215- 1 18. What is the range of the char type? A. 0 to 216 B. 0 to 216 - 1 C. 0 to 215 D. 0 to 215- 1 19. What is the octal equivalent of the decimal value 123? A. 0173 B. 123 C. 0x123 D. 0x173 20. What is the hexadecimal equivalent of decimal 123? A. 0x173 B. 0x123 C. 0x7B D. 173 21. What output is displayed as the result of executing the following statement?

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