By Vasubandhu, Ninth Karmapa Wangchuk Dorje, David Karma Choephel

Though the abhidharma is famous as one of many significant issues of the Buddhist teachings, up before there were few translations of any of the nice texts on it to be had in a Western language. This ebook supplies thorough motives of the entire primary techniques and phrases present in the Buddhist teachings. It offers the character of the phenomena we event, describes the karma and afflictions that create soreness, and indicates the standards of the trail that bring about liberation. it truly is like an encyclopedia of Buddhism that completely explains the that means of the various varied technical phrases present in the sutras, vinaya, and different Buddhist teachings—if you're pondering what anything you could have learn in a Buddhist textual content quite potential, there's a solid probability it truly is defined during this booklet. It hence offers a useful relief to scholars who are looking to deepen their realizing not just of the abhidharma, yet of all of the Buddhist teachings.

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W hat douses them is undefiled. 42 AREA 61. Forbearance o f dharmas and eight paths of No obstacles that bring detachment: These are the twelve volitions that Are karma which destroys the black. 62. Volition o f the ninth is what Extinguishes the black and white. The last path o f no obstacles To dhyan’s detachment douses white. 63. Some say the two are what is felt In hell and elsewhere in Desire. Others call seeing s discards black; The rest in Desire, black and white. 64. Nonlearners’ karma o f body and speech And just their m ind respectively Are silence o f the three.

The other impercept is gained From field, com m itment, and respect. 38. The individual liberation Is canceled by returning vows, O r dying, or two organs arising, Severing the roots, or passing the night. 39. Some say it’s canceled by the downfalls; By the True Dharma’s decline, say others. Kashmiris propose that when it happens, There are both, like having debts and riches. 40. The virtue of dhyana can be canceled By shifting level or regressing. Formless is same; noble by gaining A result, refining, or regressing.

In special, no considering; Above that, no examining, either. 32. Shameless is disrespect; immodesty is To view the unwholesome without fear. Affections faith; respect is shame. These two are in Desire and Form. 33. Considering and examining Are coarse and fine. Pride is self-inflation. Arrogance is clinging to ones features, W hich then consumes the m ind completely. 34. Cognition, m ind, and consciousness Are equivalent. The m ind and factors Have a support, a focus, aspects, Concurrence also that is fivefold.

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