By Wilfrid Sellars, Pedro V. Amaral

Lectures on Kant's Critique of natural cause by way of Wilfrid Sellars

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There's intention -ihLxv here. l,pmbleill_atlMQwJwo peQpkcallthink tlt o~s~nse t~e ~ame thil:g. Mk~ SImplythinking (sensing) ofthe same vanety. So that's unproblematic until l"'t{h~"'rudPttirther on when problems raise themselves. ,:JC: &WIt act mind content ~ It-:~~ ~ ---+-- "'~ - real triangle Figure 5 10. But on this position (act-content), we have that which depends for its being on being represented and that which doesn't. For example, here (Figure 5) is the representing of a triangle and here is a real triangle.

The same thing holds in the case of propositional thinking. Two people can think that Socrates is wise and what we have then is a domain of propositional representables. And here (Figure 8) is the representable that Socrates is wise and somehow that would be represented by both Jones and Smith. 21 Chapter 4 propositional representables as representables Socrates is wise '-----~~:----~z;~~~~~~contents that depend on an act Figure8 15. One of the sad features, as I said, of the Cartesian period was that the sense of propositional form was lost.

For example, when I represent persons as physical objects, I do not represent all kinds of parts, outsides, tops, bottoms and so on. I am perceptually representing them as physical objects, but I am not representing every part of them. Right? But it will turn out for Kant, of course, that I can always represent more ofyou. There's more of the person in front of me than is on his face, on his side. 41twas typical of Sellars to start a lecture with requests for questions. Sellars is responding to a request for clarification on his explanation of the idea of space.

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