Api key input . . You’ll give the service an id so you can reference the service via ActionScript and set the apiKey property with your apiKey provided by Rotten Tomatoes. *" In Flash Builder you don’t have to type the namespaces yourself. If you start typing “RottenTomatoesService,” you’ll notice that autocomplete gives you options for RottenTomatoesService. When you select to create the RottenTomatoesService, Flash Builder will automatically add in the new namespace; otherwise, you’d need to add this for your application to compile successfully.

1 Available and unavailable device capabilities from ADL Feature Availability Camera No Camera roll No Accelerometer No Geolocation No Home, Search, Menu, and Back keys Yes StageWebView Yes Microphone No Multitouch No, unless you have a monitor that supports multitouch input Gestures No, unless you have a trackpad that supports gestures Screen orientation changes Yes Email Yes Text messages No Phone calls No SQLite databases Yes Caching (via local shared object) Yes One big benefit of testing on the device is that you can see how long things take to render and compute.

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